Devine Gardens produces fantastic, clean, contaminant-free Super Grow Compost Blend and Vermicompost so that gardeners can enjoy healthy, productive plants without the use of harmful chemicals.

The compost is made using manure from our farm animals and bedding. The mixed raw feedstock is put into aerated concrete bays where the air is blown up into the mix from underneath. After the temperature has reached over 131 degrees for a couple of weeks, it’s either fed to the worms or allowed to mature into finished compost undercover to protect from leaching away nutrients.

The workers of the farm, the worms, live in 4’ x 8’ beds inside of a pole barn. Starting in the spring they are fed and watered regularly. They love the warm weather and eat and multiply to their heart’s content during the summer. In late November as their activity decreases, they are fed extra and put down for a long winter’s nap.

We have a growing herd of Dexter cows. Dexter cows are a smaller breed originally from Ireland. They are a nice “old fashioned family cow” good for milking and for their beef. Most of them have friendly personalities and like a good back rub now and then. In the groing weather, the cows are rotated on pasture. During the winter season, they are fed hay and free choice minerals. We do feed grain if it’s very cold to give them extra energy, to coax them here or there and as a treat.

Devine Gardens is a 70-acre farm of which 20 acres are woods. We practice regenerative agriculture, which means how we farm is based on the long-term health of people and the planet. We don’t use microbe harming chemicals on our land or animals.

Devine Gardens is located in the Town of Nelson between Cazenovia and Morrisville along beautiful Route 20. Please visit our website, call or email for more information.

When Are We Open?: All year round

Owners/Operators: Tina Jacobs

Farmer’s Markets:

  • Cazenovia Farmer’s Market
  • Syracuse Regional Market
  • Fayetteville Farmer’s Market

Farm Production: 

  • Beef
  • Vermicompost
  • Red wiggler composting worms


  • Dexter cows
  • Red wiggler worms
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